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2020-5-21  The Howth Stone Quarry is set overlooking Howth and has been mined by 5 generations. The stone that we extract from is Quarry is completely unique to Howth and can be seen on many entrances and pillars throughout Howth and further.

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2020-5-21  Unique Howth Stone, The Howth Stone Quarry is set overlooking Howth and has been mined by 5 generations. Want to know more? Call 086 8206556

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2020-10-5  The Howth Quarry on the top of Howth Head. It is possible to drive up to the very top of the Ben of Howth (a radio mast). There are great views of Dublin bay from here and the whole area is popular with walkers. Watch for procreating couples in cars though!

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The East Pier, Howth’s more scenic of the two was built in 1807. With the ever popular lighthouse right at the end having been fully completed in 1821. It’s said that the stone, the granite that our Piers are made of come from the Dalkey Quarry in South Dublin.

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2019-3-13  Cook’s Quarry, maintaining views and prospects, stopping dumping and storage of a variety of stone, building and hard surface materials and the continued extension of the quarry area FCC, Howth Pathways 2015 Laws and bylaws enforced

A study of the construction and building materials of

2017-2-18  2 CONSTRUCTION OF HOWTH HARBOUR 2.1 Origin of materials The Earl of Howth supplied over 91,000 tonnes of local quartzite and schist from his nearby quarry at Kilrock. A study of the construction and building materials of Howth Harbour, Co. Dublin. O’Flanagan S1, Pavía S2

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2021-3-17  Originally a small rural fishing village, Howth has grown to become a busy and comparatively affluent suburb of Dublin, with a mix of suburban residential development, wild hillside and heathland, golf courses, cliff and coastal paths, a small quarry and a busy commercial fishing port.

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Howth Harbour Tide Clock. Howth (Irish: Binn Éadair, meaning “Éadar’s peak”) is a village and outer suburb of Dublin, Ireland. The district as a whole occupies the greater part of the peninsula of Howth Head, which forms the northern boundary of Dublin Bay. Howth has been settled since prehistoric times, and features in Irish mythology.